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9 Beauty Tricks That Can Actually Ruin Your Look

9 Beauty Tricks That Can Actually Ruin Your Look

When it comes to the beauty realm, there are so many facets that you can be drawn into constantly maintaining. From eyelash extensions to lipsticks, tending to different beauty trends and regimes can turn into what feels like a full-time job. But did you know there are some popular beauty trends that could actually be working against you? Sometimes your natural appearance is more attractive than the outcome of covering it with a product or technique. Check out these 9 beauty secrets that actually ruin your look.

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Thinning out your eyebrows

The shape and thickness of eyebrows are a varying school of thought that changes frequently. At one time, the trend was to wear super-thin eyebrows. More recently, the trend has swung back towards a fuller look. If you were born with naturally full eyebrows, let that natural beauty shine through and let your eyebrows be free. If yours are on the thinner side, you can still let your eyebrows breathe and fill in with an eyebrow pencil to your preference.

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Thick, overbearing eyeliner

Eyeliner is another beauty aspect that changes with the times. Now, the industry is favoring thinner eyeliner as opposed to the thick, dark trend that was popular some years ago. Beauty experts are now holding that thicker eyeliner emphasizes wrinkles, and thinner liner has a lifting effect on the eyes.

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Eyelash extensions that are over the top

Eyelash extensions have gotten to be a bit over the top in years of late, with extensions that are so large you can see them from a mile away. The industry has started to get away from this spectacle style of eyelash extensions, that more so resembled a doll. Now, the trend is natural-looking lashes that compliment the face a lot better.

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Matte lipstick looks

Matte lipstick has been and still is all the rage. It can have a very beautiful and soft effect when applied correctly. But this is a look you have to utilize with care. Sometimes, a matte look that is devoid of any gloss or shine can appear dated, making the face look older. A juicy red lip can be the pop of color to make your face appear more full of vigor and life.

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Super dark lipstick colors

Dark lips are a nice bold look to employ, but they bring a lot of attention. This can be a good thing, unless you are trying to attract less attention to any fine lines or wrinkles – in which case, dark lips are very counterproductive. They will also bring attention to any other aspects of your face you may want to hide, like pimples or blemishes.

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A blush that is way too colorful

Blush can really make or break a look. A blush that is too bright can really age your face – but this is common because it can be easy to overdo it with blush. And definitely stay away from the blush that has a shimmer or glittery finish. Go for a more light finish that can add just a touch of color and life to your cheeks.

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Foundation shades that are not right for your skin

Finding your perfect shade of foundation is so essential when wearing makeup and creating a look that really compliments you. Experts suggest finding a shade by looking at the inside of your forearm and determining the shade of your veins. A blue vein means you have a cool undertone, and a greenish vein means your undertone is warmer.

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Super straight hairstyles

Experts in the hair industry state that super straight hair can have a negative effect on your facial features. A very straight style can make your face appear heavy and actually have a sag effect on your features. Go for a more voluminous look, that has movement, which will help to soften any harsh angles and lines.

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Really dark hair tones

You may not realize that hair tones can change the way your face is perceived, but it is true. Cool tones emphasize the gray tones in your face, which can actually make you appear ashy and sullen. Warm tones will emphasize the bright, earth tones in your skin pigment. This will give you a more warm and bright appearance.

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