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8 Easy Ways To Be Happier Right Now

8 Easy Ways To Be Happier Right Now

What many people want to know and are in pursuit of finding out: how to be more happy. Sometimes people pursue happiness by looking for a new job, or trying to lose weight. Others try to find happiness in other people or material objects. But the truth is external things are fleeting, and can make finding happiness an elusive task. And giving yourself future goals as “dangling carrots” for happiness are dangerous as well. Saying things like, “I’ll be happy when I make more money,” or “I’ll be happy if I can just have more friends,” makes your happiness something you will always have to chase and wait for in the future. But there are ways you can find happiness right now, no matter where you are in life. If you are ready to find your piece of happiness today, check out these 8 ways to be happier right here and now.

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Start saying no

It can be difficult to do if you never do, but saying no can be such a freeing act. Always telling people yes can set you up for unhappiness because you will eventually give too much of yourself away to others. By saying no, you respect your boundaries and teach others to do the same. This single, but powerful act can make you more happy by telling yourself that you matter and deserve respect.

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Go outdoors today

Studies show that going into nature can boost mood and help to ease stress. Even just a 20-minute walk or some time spent sitting on your porch can help you get some fresh perspective on your life. So today, choose to have dinner outside or walk a pet.

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Take a break from screen time

Even though our phones, TVs and tablets can be entertaining, they put us in a state of constantly consuming information and images. Watching endless shows and scrolling on social media puts you less in control of how you feel and what you’re thinking about. And beyond just some downtime from screens, purse your social media feeds and TV binge lists of any content that does not make you feel good about yourself and your life.

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Go do a fun activity

It is easy to get caught up in always trying to be productive, even while just relaxing. Today, go do a fun activity and focus on nothing but… doing nothing. We can lose sight of the point of fun, which is to not be productive or focused. Just let loose and enjoy yourself — it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

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Rethink your normal complaints

Sometimes we get bored with our routines and the mundane nature of life. This can lead us to feel unsatisfied, which can send us into complaint mode. Do you find yourself complaining about paying bills, or waiting in the lunch line, or even about how your friend talks so much? Replace thoughts like this with gratitude: such as the fact that you are blessed to have the money to pay bills or buy lunch, or to have a friend who trusts you enough to confide in you.

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Focus on someone else

Sometimes we are just too focused on our own problems. Get some perspective and focus your energy on a friend, family member, or significant other. By taking some time to help someone else or learn about their current life situation, you give yourself a breather. You may also realize that your problems are just not that bad. Also, generally helping someone else is a great way to boost your mood and attitude. Putting a smile on someone else’s face is sure to put one on your face too.

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Concentrate on some positive words

Thinking positive thoughts will yield more positive thoughts. This is also the case with merely thinking of positive words. Try concentrating on words that have a position association for you, like “family,” “vacation,” “fun,” or “smile.” Try this method and you may just sense a feeling of happiness shine through.

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Be true to who you are

We make a lot of changes to our personality and preferences for other people. This can be small adjustments, but can also include making major shifts to things that resonate with who we are. Today, take some time to be exactly who you are, raw and real — no matter what anyone else thinks of you. Being true to who you are is beautiful and can help you feel happier before you know it.

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