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Careers in Fashion

Careers in Fashion

Fashion industry has many different roles. Career in fashion is a fascinating idea from running exotic photo shoots to managing a trendy blog in the fashion media. If you have no idea what specific career you might want here are some rundown fashion industry jobs.

Fashion Designers

They work on the design of clothing and fashion. They can work on clothing, shoes, and accessories. They work across a large number of industries such as manufacturing, clothing companies, theaters and design firms, large retail brands, freelance boutique labels.

Personal Stylists

To advise on personal style and clothing a personal stylist works with individuals. This job requires excellent communication and service skills. This job requires the diehard fashionista.

Fashion Stylists

This job is different from personal stylist as fashion stylists take a photographer or vision of art director for a photo shoot or film. They work with many media organizations such as editorial print, advertising film. This is a very creative role.

Textile Designers

They create designs for patterns mostly use in printed, woven, and knitted textiles. An interior such as carpets and upholstery and fabric for clothing are the two major fields in this industry.

Textile Technologists

It is an innovative job through testing a new combination of yarns, textiles, and fibers working on different designs, and developing new materials. They tend to improve production techniques to be more efficient. Their central role is to work on the investigation and quality control.


To ensure products appear in the store, merchandisers work closely with the buying team to know the accurate quantities at the right time. They require accurate forecasting and monitoring of sales performance. Their role is related to organize sales and marketing and the profitability of the store in each season.

Retail Buyer

To sell in retail stores, buyers select products or garments from manufacturers and wholesalers. They select items that are more attractive to the customers. They travel a lot to visit manufacturing sites and to attend fashion shows. The make decisions for the company such as customers demand, market seasonal trends, store brand, and budget.

Fashion Market Researchers

A fashion market researcher is responsible for collecting and analyzing data information they collect information on customer opinions, investment, and marketing trends what types of clothing shoes and accessories are in trend. They read and understand large amounts of data and findings from retailers, manufacturers, and designers.

Art Directors

They are responsible for styling a particular product. They work for the magazine, a public relations firm, or a retailer. They need creativity and a sense of selling techniques.


To help advertise clothing, shoes, or accessories, a model signs to an agency for photographers or the public. From indoor studios to fashion show runways they work in a variety of conditions.

Fashion Illustrators

They create conceptual sketches and illustrations for their products including clothing, shoes, and accessories. For promotional material in print and online, they produce advertising copy and images.

Fashion Public Relations

Their job is very people-focused. To build a strong brand profile and public image and assist with the media coverage of new product launches they work with retailers and fashion labels. Improve brand awareness and engage more customers. Work for multiple clients they may work for one brand or an agency.

Fashion Writers

They work for newspapers, print magazine, fashion websites, blog or television. They work with fashion PRs for the extensive fashion media industry they produce an editorial copy.

Graphics Designers

They also called print designers they design graphics to feature on clothing and accessories. They create look books, magazine spreads, website, and social media content, marketing materials.

Fashion Photographers or Filmmakers

They work as a meeting designer, freelancer, concepts for shoots, lighting on set, setting up equipment, directing models editing the images or videos.

Fashion Bloggers or Vloggers

Fashion bloggers or vloggers cover many areas such as writing photography or filming website design, modeling or styling, social media, as sales public relations. They plan and create content to make your blog profitable they need to gain followers.

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