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12 Best and Worst Fashion Trends of All Time

12 Best and Worst Fashion Trends of All Time

When it comes to female fashion, there have been so many changes throughout the years. With these changes have come all sorts of trends and fads. Some of these fads have been truly iconic and have honestly withstood the test of time. These trends defy their original eras and are still popular today. But with the good always comes the bad, and this means that quite a few trends throughout history are ones that can stay where they started: in the past. Trends that are more on the atrocious side may leave you wondering how any of us ever wore them in the first place. These fashion fails may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but these experimentations just missed the mark. From corsets, mesh, fishnet, risky colors and platform shoes are among the good, the bad and the ugly trends in the history of women’s fashion. To take a trip down fad memory lane, check out these 12 best and worst fashion trends of all time.


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The Best: Miniskirts

Could you believe that prior to the 1960’s, miniskirts did not exist? This is when London designer Mary Quant made an ever so slight but revolutionary change to the concept of skirts. It’s actually hard to believe there was a time so recent in history that this empowering look was not around.



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The Worst: Crinolines

This may be an edgy look that can be pulled off on the runway, but there was a time when network crinolines were a part of everyday fashion. And it was just not a good look. Not only did it look overworked, but it was a lot of physical work to maneuver in this getup. Just the idea of sitting down for a simple conversation in this contraption is enough to make your head spin.



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The Best: Little Black Dresses

There may be no fashion trend more iconic than the little black dress. Since it became popular, it has never gone out of style, and for good reason. You can throw on a little black dress for almost any occasion. The simplicity of this garment is what makes it so versatile, with the ability to dress it up or make it casual with the tweak of a few accessories.



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The Worst: Naked Trunks

Some people may be able to rock this trend, but overall it’s not the best look for everyone. It is a fashion statement piece, but one that can be left behind in the past. You may see a celebrity pulling off a certain look on stage, but that is not a green light to try it yourself.



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The Best: Leggings

Leggings have to be one of the best fashion inventions ever, and are for sure to stick around for some time to come. They are another versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in any situation. Whether you are going for a run, meeting up for a casual brunch with friends, or just forgot to shave your legs, leggings are a go-to choice.



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The Worst: Fantasy-Inspired Dresses

Futuristic dresses are cool in sci-fi movies, but maybe not so much in everyday life. This look had its moment, and we’re glad it’s over. Maybe by the year 3000, we will be living in a futuristic setting that will make sci-fi dresses all the rave again.



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The Best: Leather Jackets

When this trend came around, it really changed the range of mainstream fashion. The symbolism of the leather jacket has changed over time. Whereas the leather jacket used to be reserved for bikers and bad boys, now the little leather jacket is a staple in most women’s wardrobes.



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The Worst: Platform Tennis Shoes

Platform tennis shoes came on the scene in the 90’s. But unlike many 90’s trends, these are not exalted as one of the decade’s great fashion trends. This is another trend we can leave in the past.



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The Best: Greek Drape

The Greek draped dress is a beautiful addition to trends that hopefully stay around for a while. Greek drapes are an elegant look that exudes effortless class and style. This could be why so many celebs rock this look.



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The Worst: Corsets

Corsets have had their day in fashion in several eras, but have always been a contraption that is both dangerous and unethical. The physical nature of the corset is very constraining to the body, and can very easily cause damage to the internal organs and a range of other health issues. Not to mention — corsets reinforce unrealistic beauty standards.



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The Best: White Tees

Another staple in many women’s closets is the basic white tee shirt. It may appear to be just a regular shirt you may want to wear to bed or around the house. But a white tee can be transformed into so many different looks, quickly going from casual to cool girl chic with the addition of a pair of heels or fashionable hat.



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The Worst: Overalls

While there may be some instances where overalls can elevate a look, this piece of clothing is another trend that we can be left in the past. Let’s just say that overalls are best left for a day of gardening or housework.

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