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French Makeup Tips Parisian Women Swear By

French Makeup Tips Parisian Women Swear By

French makeup is one look that is becoming popular amongst beauty gurus and people who just love makeup. It is one style of makeup that gives an elegant and naturally beautiful look. This is due partly because French women are not looking for perfection in their makeup routine. They would rather enhance their natural beauty and features. They embrace their imperfections and it makes them that much more beautiful. Tutorials and also product details are the way to go when learning how to perfect this imperfect style of makeup. These beauty secrets of French women can be achieved if you know the right tips and methods. And if you are able to perfect this style, you will really understand the saying that sometimes less is more. If you would like to find out how to make this look a part of your next makeup routine, read on to learn more about how to do french makeup.

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Makeup Tutorial

When you are learning how to do French makeup, one of the most important rules is to find balance. This means that heavy makeup in some areas must be balanced with a neutral element as well. This is how you achieve the refined and elegant look of French makeup.

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What you need for the tutorial:

The key materials you will need for this tutorial include concealer, highlighter, mascara, eyelash curler, lip balm and mascara. This combination will give you all the tools you need to achieve the perfect French makeup look. As you see, there are not many products that are different from the ones you may already use for your typical makeup routine. It’s all about how you use them that will help you achieve the French makeup style.

Step by Step Process:

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Prep Your Face

The first step in the tutorial is to make sure you have a clean face. Clean your face well and then follow that with a toner. Next, use a gentle moisturizer and a lip balm so that you are well hydrated. Having a hydrated face makes the perfect base and foundation to build a dewy and glowing style for your face.

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Curl Your Lashes

Next, you want to curl your lashes to ensure you have a flattering but natural look. After using your eyelash curler, fill in the spaces between your top and bottom lash lines with a metallic brown eye pencil. Lastly, give your lashes a nice coat of mascara on the top and bottom. This will give your lashes and lash line the perfect “French girl” look.

Closeup shot of female green pistachio colour eye  with day makeup
Closeup shot of female green pistachio colour eye with day makeup

Touch up Your Brows

Making sure your brows are looking groomed is another important step. Lightly touch up your brows with a brow spoolie product, and they will pull together your whole makeup style. Brows are an essential part of French makeup, so don’t skip this step during your tutorial process.

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Apply concealer

For the best results, choose a concealer with a dewy effect with a shade that best matches your skin tone. This will give you good coverage for any spots, redness or under eye darkness. You want to make sure you blend the concealer well so that it looks natural. This is the key to French makeup and the coveted naturally flawless look.

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Find Your Glow

Using highlighter will give your face that beautiful glow that is characteristic of French makeup. Dab highlighter lightly on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, inner corners of the eye, and Cupid’s bow. Be sure to use a highlighter with minimal shimmer, and you will surely have a beautifully understated, iridescent glow to your makeup.

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Your French Makeup is Complete!

Just these few simple steps are what you must complete, and then your “French girl” makeup look is finished. As you can see, this style of makeup is much less complicated and drawn out than other styles. Most French women like to keep it simple and will typically not spend hours on complex makeup looks. And because of this, their natural beauty and flawless looks are able to shine through.

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French Makeup Tips

Some of the biggest tips from French women when it comes to makeup include:

  • Make sure you put your skin care routine as a top priority. A good SPF is important in preserving your skin, as well as a nighttime cleansing ritual.
  • Keep it simple and don’t worry about a ton of products. Stick to the essentials and you will have a simple, beautiful look.
  • Red lips are a bold statement that French women love. Use it to make a splash with your look.
  • French women are not really big on contouring. They prefer to let the natural contours of their face be seen, and this even includes embracing their wrinkles and laugh lines too.
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