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Spiced Cherry Red Is The Juiciest New Hair Color Trend For Autumn/Winter 2022

Spiced Cherry Red Is The Juiciest New Hair Color Trend For Autumn/Winter 2022

When considering hair color, red is one of those options that bring such a vibrant and fiery vibe to the mix. But did you know that less than two percent of all people on Earth are actually born with red hair? This must explain why so many people request red hair at the salon when it’s time for a new hair color. Red is one of the most popular hair colors of choice, and this year, the color is definitely on trend to be a big hit. Expert hair colorist Angela Hazelton says that red is all the rage, but remembers when she barely did a red color here and there on occasion. Now, she says she’s been applying the color at least once a day lately. “Red is really having a moment,” she said. The call to red has been reflected in Hollywood as well. Sources say that after watching the red-headed character played by Anya Taylor-Joy in the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit,” Gigi Hadid went red also. Then while promoting Spider-Man, Zendaya went cherry red to pay tribute to her character’s original hair color in the comics.

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Many hair experts have noted that since the pandemic initially put a pause on the beauty and hair services industry, salons and hair stylists have been in even greater demand now than ever. And part of their surge in demand is hair coloring. One shade that is definitely in demand is spiced cherry red, and it is expected to be one of the juiciest new hair color trends for autumn 2022. Hazelton encourages everyone to consider going red, if they need a change or just looking to spruce up their style. “Anyone can go red,” said Hazelton. If you are ready to see which shades of red are currently some of the most popular, check out these shades that will be a huge hit this fall season.

Spiced Cherry Red Auburn

This color gives an intense auburn shade, and it was inspired by Angela Hazelton’s own work when she provided services on HBO’s series “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” She created many different red wigs for the show that would glow and really look great in natural lighting. She made each wig overnight, and then tested its color in the morning sunlight to get the tint just right.

Neon Tangerine

If you are looking for a little fire, then this hot orange tint is the one for you. The color is slightly darker at the roods to create a range of depth. And dark gloss made sure there were no strawberry tones hanging back.

Cinnamon Cider Red

Cinnamon Cider Red is a great choice if you want a classic ginger look. This color was created to be worn by model Lindsey Wixson, who is a natural dark blonde. This makes a nice shade choice if you have a preference for brunette hues.

Creamsicle Blonde

This light and airy shade of red is what you may call a strawberry blonde, and definitely puts you in the mind of creamsicle ice cream. There are lovely tints of milky highlights shining through this look, which was created through several rounds of trial and error. Two different shade formulas were used for the root and tip, and then bleaching powder and water were used to create the highlight effect. This is definitely a beautiful choice if you’d like something that is a happy medium between the red and blonde family of color.

Burnt Copper

This color is described as antique mahogany, and it makes quite a statement. The base is a deep brown and some panels of bleach to pull out latent red tones. This color exposes a hint of warmth and a little bit of sparkle!

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