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10 Hot Winter Makeup Trends and Ideas for 2023

10 Hot Winter Makeup Trends and Ideas for 2023

With colder weather on its way, it is time to start thinking about what trends will follow into the winter months. Winter makeup is a lot of fun to play with because there are many different ways to find variation. You can take a winter makeup look and customize it to make it better fit your personal style. Winter is a wonderful season to experiment with new looks and trends, and that extra layer of makeup might just make you feel a bit more cozy during the cold chill of winter. And there is nothing like a sharp winter coat or weather to match a perfectly polished makeup look. One of the key things to remember about winter makeup is that during this time, skin can begin to look more pale as the sunshine begins to recede. This means that winter makeup requires an emphasis on adding back in that healthy glow that you naturally get during summer and spring. If you are ready to learn more about how to make your skin beautiful during colder weather, check out these 10 hot winter makeup trends and ideas for 2023.

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Bronze Shades

Winter is a great time to go for warm shades. Bronze makeup is a warm shade that will add some natural glow to your face. Many celebrities like Gigi Hadid keep bronze in their makeup rotation pretty often. You will look perfectly sunkissed and instantly gorgeous with a touch of bronze to your face. It is quick and easy to add this into your routine.

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Low Key Glam

Another makeup trend on the rise is called The Glam Makeup Trend. This trend entails wearing makeup that features clean, defined lines that are understated but still beautiful. You can achieve this look by using soft colors that are natural or dramatic depending on your style preference. Any look can be a soft glam look as long as you keep it very feminine and attractively understated.

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Blue Eyeshadow

The blue eye shadow trend is one of the most popular in makeup at the current moment. It is even making its way onto the runways and into evening makeup. Blue eyeshadow is all about drama and catching attention. You can try this trend by creating blue wings or points of interest with blue glitter.

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Glitter Glow

Another hot trend in makeup right now is glitter. Glitter is a great tool if you want to add a little contrast and soft detail to your look. Glitter has made a comeback and become really popular this season. It can be used in various areas, but only choose one at a time.

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Brown Wings

Making its way through the beauty world is another trend that focuses on brown wings. This trend is one that can be used for a dramatic look or one that is more natural — it’s up to your preference and is easily customizable. Try brown eyeliner to start.

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Glossy Eyelids

Did you ever think that wet eyelids would be such a hot trend these days? Well, the glossy lid look is one that is gaining a lot of traction. It’s a great look to recreate the glow of summertime.

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Brown Lined Lips

Another trend you may want to try is brown lip liner. This is a great choice for a more modern and refined look. It will go well with a blended contour to the center of the lips. Try to choose a shade that is two shades darker than your lipstick.

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Wine Colored Lips

Go for a wine-colored red lipstick if you want a more elegant look for your makeup routine. It is a cool alternative to regular red lipstick, and can make you look hip and trendy.

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Matte Makeup

One trend that the beauty world always circles back to is the matte look. Most people can agree that matte is one look that will agree with any style and goes well with any occasion. Keep some products to achieve the matte look in your makeup arsenal.

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Rosy Cheeks

Cheeks with a bit of rouge will give you a fresh, summer look. This effect can give you some added vibrance during the cold, sun-depleted winter months.

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