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11 Makeup Tricks for Dark Skin

11 Makeup Tricks for Dark Skin

With so many different makeup companies, there is a wide variety of makeup products targeted at consumers. But what is disappointing about the beauty industry is that historically there has been little diversity in the range of products suited for darker skin tones. For many years, there were hardly any products with proper palette selections for dark skin. Even though there are more companies who are getting better at inclusivity in skin tone, it can still be difficult for people with darker skin tones to find shades that complement their skin. But there are some tips that can help you on your makeup journey if you have darker skin. These hacks will show you how to make different looks work for you, and what trends and styles work best with your natural skin tone. Check out these 11 makeup tricks for dark skin.

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Use frosted lips sparingly

Frosted lips were all the rage back in the early 2000’s, and was a trend that many of us tried at least once. But for dark skin, the contrast can look very dramatic. If this is the look you are wanting to achieve, then frosted lips are a go. But if you want something that will naturally complement your skin, go for a more solid color that will bring a look of sophistication.

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Avoid red blush

Blushes are a great way to accentuate the cheeks and achieve a youthful glow. But a red blush may not be the best option for darker skin. Fair-skinned people may not be able to pull off a darker blush, but these shades will work perfectly for darker skin. Try a plum, brick, or deep brown tone for your cheeks.

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Test foundation on the jawline

Under the fluorescent lighting of stores is one of the worst places you can test your foundation. What makes it even worse is testing it in random places on your face. The best option is to test in natural light along your jawline.

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Find a matching matte powder

Matte powders are one of the best things you can go with for dark skin. A translucent powder can sometimes show up with a white or washed out undertone. The right powder will give you the perfect glow.

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Balance out the matte

Matte is the best for dark skin, but you don’t want to go too matte because this can give rise to a cakey appearance. It can also add age to your face, which none of us want. A liquid or cream foundation is a great choice for good blending.

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Layer your highlights

If you are looking to improve your highlight game, go with layers. Some of the best makeup experts recommend doing three layers of highlight on darker skin. This will help you avoid looking too flat.

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Keep in mind that our faces have different tones throughout

We all want even skin, but most of us have a variation of pigment on different areas of our face. The recommendation to remedy this is to choose foundation based on the center of the face. This is usually the lightest part of the face, and making your choice based on that will ensure you can blend, highlight and conceal easier.

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Have fun with eyeshadow

Many times, people with darker skin are told to play it safe with eyeshadow. But don’t be afraid to have some fun with different shades and colors. If the shade makes you feel good, and blends well with your skin tone, then go for it.

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Use a brush for foundation

One tool that will help you with your foundation skills is a brush. You may use foundation in the form of cream, stick or liquid; but using a brush to apply the foundation is a good idea no matter what. Brushes help the foundation to look smoother and give you more even coverage.

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Don’t buy cheap products

While you may be able to go cheap on some things, makeup is not one of them. Darker skin requires high-quality products, so be sure to invest in good, reputable brands and quality tools.

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Spend some time on your brows

Brows are an important part of the makeup routine and are not to be overlooked. Whatever your method may be — tweezing, highlighting or arching with a pencil — give your eyebrows some love.

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