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7 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Want to Slim Their Face

7 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Want to Slim Their Face

When you are trying to find ways to slim down, it can be difficult to keep up the progress. Dieting and fitness can become burdensome, and can still leave you with weight fluctuation. This is why it comes in handy to know some tricks and hacks for making yourself appear slimmer while you are in progress of losing weight. For the body, there are plenty of ways you can make yourself appear slimmer with clothing and more. But this is also true for your face, as changes in the face are one of the first things that are noticeable with weight fluctuation. If you are ready to learn how to keep your face looking trim no matter what, check out these 7 makeup tips for girls who want to slim their face.

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Use a primer to combat any puffiness in the face

Primers are great for many reasons, but one of them is their ability to help slim the face. If you invest in a really good, quality primer, you can achieve a clean and smooth look to your face. The trick is to apply it before any other makeup; and this will help to tighten the skin and essentially reduce any puffiness you may be experiencing. This will help you to look thinner and slimmer in the face almost instantly.

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Use a flat brush to contour your cheeks

This hack is one straight from the hands of professional makeup artists, so you can be sure that it will be a wonderful tip to use at home. A flat brush is a key here, to achieve this look. With a flat brush, apply contouring powder very lightly in a line at an angle down your cheek. Then continue to add more powder in a gradual fashion until you have the look and angle that you want. The last step is to blend harsh lines to achieve a natural looking, contour line that will make you appear slimmer.

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Bronzer can make your face look thinner

Another great product to use for face slimming is bronzer. This tool is one that comes in handy to give you that healthy glow, and in doing so, can help your face look slimmer. While you can put bronzer all over your face, professionals recommend applying the illusion of a number “3,” which spans from the forehead to the cheeks and then the jaw. You repeat this on both sides of the face, applying the product with a powder brush.

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Use a highlighting powder to illuminate your nose and eyes

To bring some good attention to your nose and eyes, try a highlighting powder. It can help to make these areas appear slimmer too, and it is probably one of the simplest hacks you can use. All you need to do is swipe the powder down your nose and under your eyes, and you have an instant slimming effect.

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Get creative with two blush colors

Using two blush colors can help to make your face look thinner. This may not be your typical routine for your cheekbones, but it works. It can give you that desired slimmer, more chiseled cheekbone look. The first step is to use a darker color on your cheekbones. Then by sucking in your cheeks, you can find the area to apply a lighter color just below the darker one. Finally, remove any extra blush that may have been applied between the different colors.

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Give your eyes and lips more attention instead of your cheeks

Another method of making your face appear slimmer is to take some attention away from the cheeks. The cheekbones often show more weight in the face than any other area, so taking emphasis off of them can help create a slimming look. Using a bold technique for the mascara or eyeliner is a good hack. You can also go for a dramatic lipstick or eyeshadow effect.

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Give your brows some TLC

Every component of the face is important when creating a slimming look, and this includes the eyebrows. Playing around with the thickness and shape of your brows can work wonders on how thin your face looks. A defined arch can go a long way — one that is not too thin or thick. It can pull your face in an upward direction, giving it a thinner look.

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