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11 Hottest Makeup Trends From Around The World

11 Hottest Makeup Trends From Around The World

No matter where you reside on Earth, there is some custom or usage of makeup. Makeup is one of the ways that people everywhere express themselves. Some even say that beauty is a universal language that all people can understand. And when it comes to makeup, this language is one that women everywhere speak. And depending on the location, there are different customs and traditions in beauty and cosmetics. What may be standard in an African country will likely be different in an Asian country, a location in Europe, or in the United States. And as time and cultures evolve, so do their practices and concepts of beauty. Trends and preferences change all the time, which is one of the things that makes makeup so much fun. Learning about different styles based on geographical location can help you expand your beauty repertoire. The next time you are lacking in creativity and do not know which makeup trend to try next, consider trying a style from a totally different country to spice things up. To find out more, check out these 11 hottest makeup trends from around the world.

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French women are thought of as classic beauties. They have a way of looking effortlessly classy and always have an appeal that is sought after but hard to achieve if you are not French. French women usually keep a few things in their arsenal, like black mascara, red lipstick, and light foundation.

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South Korea

South Korean trends are now ones that we all know about and many people follow, a unique look known as K-beauty. One of the most important aspects of K-beauty is taking really good care of your skin. Moisturization and rosy cheeks are a must.

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Japan beauty is all about having fun, which is one way to really enjoy using makeup. Japanese women love using makeup as a tool for self-expression and creativity, often using Harajuku styles of bright colors on high cheekbones. If you’re looking for an adventurous look that will brighten up your day, definitely try Japanese styles of makeup.

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Brazilian women have always been thought of as beautiful with a naturally sensual appeal. They have an effortless sex appeal that is definitely visible and echoed by their makeup styles. They go for very clear skin with matte lips as their signature look. You will definitely enjoy trying this style of makeup.

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Beauty in Canada is very understated and natural, with Canadian women preferring a look of effortless beauty as well. They usually go for bold eyebrow looks that are full and very beautiful, with them often just styling their own natural eyebrows. If you are big on eyebrow styling and love to play around with natural shape, then this style will fit right in for you.

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English women have an approach to beauty that is also minimal in essence. They do utilize contouring and highlighting techniques, but it is a much more natural look than other styles like Westernized looks. So if you prefer an understated and natural look for makeup, then you may enjoy trying some trends that come from England.

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Thailand beauty is all about bold and bright colors that will pop. Thai women do this by emphasizing a bold color against clean and clear pale skin typically. They also love a bold eyebrow.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest beauty capitals in the world. So in this culture, beauty is a big deal, and they definitely do beauty well. Their look is all about dramatic eyes with bright eyeshadows, full eyelashes and dramatic eyeliners. Definitely expect a statement look.

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Russian beauty is known for beautiful women who are more on the glamorous side. They love to sport eyelash extensions and luxurious styles of makeup. So if you are wanting to try out Russian beauty trends, remember it’s all about glamorous lashes.

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India has always had a culture of beauty that emphasizes dramatic eyeliner. This is true for modern day Indian women, who also love luxurious lashes and eye shadow colors that pop and bring attention.

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America is still young in comparison to other countries, but has still established a makeup style through the years. It continues to change throughout each decade, but right now the fun and flirty look is in with bold colors and bold lashes.

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