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Glamorized Celebrity Fashion’s Causes and Effects

Glamorized Celebrity Fashion’s Causes and Effects

Any action is accompanied by an equal and opposite reaction. All that has happened or is currently happening, as life has taught us, will pave the way for the future. It’s an inevitable reality that we all accept.

We are in danger of being exposed to too much negative information because we live in a modern age where large quantities of information can be accessed with the click of a button.

Teenage girls are constantly bombarded with images of video-vixens skimping around barely dressed with, in reality, “too sweet” bodies as they watch YouTube and other television channels.

Boys, too, bear a fair share of the responsibility. They devote a lot of mental energy to gaining muscle mass to reach a certain bodyweight that celebrities have set as the norm. This has negative consequences not only for their physical health but also for their mental and emotional well-being.

Celebrities can lead very daring lives, disregarding all caution. After all, they live to be in the spotlight, to do something unusual just to get publicity, and they have the financial means to do so such as fashion. This is good before they are followed by the media and their actions are widely publicized on social media. Then it becomes what is known as cool. It won’t be long before every adolescent is doing it. Everyone wants a role model, and celebrities easily fill that role, but when they make poor decisions, those who look up to them are likely to follow in their footsteps.

Take, for example, the practice of tattooing, which was once frowned upon by society but is now common among celebrities. The media glamorizes these tattoos, airing whole chat shows devoted to exploring the hottest celebrity tattoos. Teenagers begin piercing and tattooing their bodies to imitate their role models, completely unaware of the long-term consequences.

Another problem is celebrity drug and alcohol use, which has been heavily glamorized. Many commercials for a new alcoholic drink or a high-quality brand of cigarette feature celebrities who are paying large sums of money to appear flashy when keeping the drink and smoking and having a good time.

In certain cases, these celebrities do not even drink the alcohol they are selling because they are aware of the negative health consequences and are only interested in making money.

Celebrities are well-known for being trendsetters in society. They exhibit different dressing styles on their channels that would make any average person blush at first glance. People and especially youth follow celebrities blindly. The glamorization of celebrity fashion extends beyond the gossip about who wore what and when. Celebrity interviews have become increasingly commonplace, implying that celebrity culture has penetrated deeper into celebrities’ lives, with certain elements of their thoughts and views being widely communicated to the public. The reality is that most celebrities are completely unaware of the problems that arise during such interactions. Inevitably, the glamorized fashion of celebrities has a more negative impact on society.

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