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10 Films Every Florence Pugh Fan Must Watch

10 Films Every Florence Pugh Fan Must Watch

In a cinematic landscape often dominated by Hollywood legacies, Florence Pugh emerges as a refreshing force, a self-made talent whose climb to the top is marked by raw skill rather than industry connections. The Academic Award-nominated British actress, born in Oxfordshire, has carved her own path, captivating audiences with her exceptional performances and undeniable authenticity. From period dramas to intense thrillers, all of these films showcase the diverse range of roles that have defined Pugh’s burgeoning career. Her journey is proof of the enduring power of talent in an industry that is often overshadowed by patronage. As a testament to her prowess, here’s a list of 10 movies that every Florence Pugh fan will love.

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Lady McBeth

In William Oldroyd’s stark and unsettling Lady Macbeth, which despite the title has nothing to do with the Shakespeare play, Pugh delivered a powerhouse performance that made her the talk of the town. She portrayed Katherine Lester, a young woman trapped in a loveless, suffocating marriage. Sold off to a much older man for his fortune, Katherine endures relentless cruelty and isolation within the confines of their opulent estate.

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Pugh’s haunted Dani in Midsommar ignited her stardom. This sun-drenched horror flick isn’t just about startling audiences out of their seat; it’s a raw study of grief and intimacy, twisting Dani’s fragile hope into chilling madness. Even those who typically take a hard pass on scary movies found Pugh’s performance captivating, earning critical acclaim that launched her from indie darling to mainstream icon.

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The Falling

Pugh’s first leading role came in The Falling, in which she played Abbie, a rebellious teen defying the stifling confines of a 1960s boarding school. Her eyes blaze with both vulnerability and defiance, her spirit a spark igniting hysteria through the halls. Always captivating and often infuriating, her character is a whirlwind of teenage passion and rebellion tearing through the film’s claustrophobic world.

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Little Women

If you’ve watched the 2019 remake of the feminist masterpiece Little Women, skillfully directed by Greta Gerwig, you’ll recognize Pugh as Amy, the starkly different younger sister to Jo. In an illuminating interview, she shared that this rendition offers Amy a more prominent role, showcasing her journey to independence. Pugh’s stellar performance pays homage to Amy’s feminist essence, making this a pivotal watch for Florence Pugh enthusiasts—earning her a well-deserved first Oscar nomination in the process.

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In Black Widow, Pugh breathed life into Yelena Belova, a dynamic and witty character. As the sister of Natasha Romanoff, played by Scarlett Johansson, Pugh’s portrayal injected humor and emotional depth into the Marvel universe. Her compelling chemistry with Johansson and scene-stealing moments make Yelena stand out, solidifying Pugh’s impact in the superhero realm.

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Don’t Worry Darling

Don’t Worry Darling catapulted Pugh into a gripping psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde. The actress played Alice, unraveling a mysterious web of secrets in a seemingly idyllic suburban setting. Her nuanced portrayal adds layers to the suspense, making this film a must-watch for fans eager to witness Pugh’s transformative abilities within the confines of an enigmatic narrative.

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The Wonder

Pugh’s Lib in The Wonder is a spellbinding enigma. She navigates the Irish mist with steely resolve, haunted by personal demons yet drawn to the mysterious “Fasting Girl.” Her gaze pierces through suspicion and piety, hinting at secrets simmering beneath her stoic facade. Currently available on Netflix, this movie is a masterclass in quiet intensity, leaving you both captivated and unnerved, long after the final scene.

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A Good Person

In the 2023 dramedy A Good Person, Pugh got rave reviews for the ways she was able to seamlessly embody the complexities of her character. Her nuanced portrayal elevates the film, showcasing Pugh’s remarkable talent for navigating both emotional and narrative intricacies. With a magnetic presence on screen, she effortlessly draws audiences into the compelling world in which this film exists, leaving a lasting and positive impression.

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Dune Part 2

Pugh fans have a whole lot to be excited about in 2024, as the actress joins the star-studded cast of Dune Part 2, one of the most anticipated movies of the year. She will portray Princess Irulan, a royal chronicler and member of the powerful House Corrino. There’s no reason to think she won’t deliver the kind of performance her biggest fans have come to expect!

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