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When Barron Trump Showed He’s Cooler Than His Dad, Donald: 5 Standout Examples (2 of 6)

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1. He hacked into his dad’s computer

During a moment of youthful curiosity, Barron Trump stumbled upon his father’s unlocked computer, its screen beckoning with intrigue. Temptation overpowered caution as he navigated through the digital maze, uncovering files and secrets not meant to be seen. In a mix of awe and mischief, he toyed with settings and accessed forbidden corners of cyberspace. The incident, which the former president made reference to at the 2022 CPAC, left the Trump household briefly in disarray. Yet, it also served as a reminder of the boundless curiosity and innate ingenuity residing within the young Trump scion, foreshadowing his future endeavors in the world of technology.