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7 Things You Deserve As Much As Any Man (2 of 4)

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An Amazing Career 

The wage gap based on gender is very apparent and well documented. Women have historically and consistently been paid less than men for the exact same positions. They have also been passed up for positions and promotions in their careers, and even totally blocked from participating in certain fields in their entirety. Women deserve to have great careers and bust through the former glass ceilings that once held them back. 

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Women have been fighting for respect for centuries, throughout multiple eras in history. In our current time, women are still challenging the status quo in terms of treatment and general perception of themselves. Society can have a harsh and disrespectful view of women, with men feeling entitled to treating women like objects instead of the supreme beings that they are. Women deserve respect, no matter what they are wearing, saying, or doing. The right to respect is inherent and not up for debate based on the male gaze.