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10 Ways to Please Your Partner

10 Ways to Please Your Partner

Your partner means the whole world to you. Treat him with love care and respect to make her feel special. To transform your fantasies into the reality you can make some efforts. You can drive your relationship without losing interest if both of the partners prioritize each other. You should know the ways how to cheer him up when your spouse is stressed or angry. However, every relation needs mutual respect and love. Pleasing your spouse should not be at the cost of your self-respect.

1. Compliment him

You can give compliment your spouse in a simple way. The way he dresses up or his taking caring style. You can say sweet words for him, you can compliment on his physical feature and the way makes love with you.

2. Express your feelings

Your husband might like you to be more expressive. So keep your shyness aside and be expressive. You can share with him all the feelings that you expect from him. Not every man can easily understand your hints, so it is better to tell him what you like. Untold and hidden expectations will end your relationship in misunderstandings, and lack of interest.

3. Indulge what he likes

Try to know the likings of your husband; this will make him, please. Which food he likes, which dress he likes you to wear, what color he likes on you, what is his favorite program on TV. Then you should indulge with him to please him.

4. Keep yourself calm

When your husband is angry never argue with him. This may worsen the situation. Keep yourself clam and don’t be responsive at the moment. Let him calm down. When he will settle down talk to him and sought out the problem.

5. Don’t hide anything

As a partner, you should never hide things from him. If you will have secrets or hiding things, that will damage your trust. Always try to share your insecurities, problems without any hesitation.

6. Do not force

Further, try your best to give him space. Never be luscious about his activities. Let him go to enjoy his friend’s gatherings and hobbies to enjoy. To be with him everywhere and every time will lose the attraction. There must a room for his privacy.

7. Adore him

Adore him; be kind and loving to him the way he likes. Try some new ways to show your love. Besides, you can send him love messages, give him a rose at dinner table, hold his hands and put head on his shoulder while walking with him.

8. Play games or watch movies

You can go out of the routine. If you know your spouse loves games, then you can revive your relationship with this and bring back fun and joy an your life. It will help you to know more about one another’s interests and understanding. It is really enjoying and relaxing things to do with your spouse. It makes your relationship fun and strong.

To break the routine you can play some games with him in private like a blindfold, never have I ever or a movie quiz, truth or lie, truth or dare.

9. Amaze him with action

Sometimes, it is really good to amaze with your spontaneous action. By just a prompt action you can make your partner happy it can be a sudden kiss, give him a massage, try variant positions in bed, seduce with your outfit. You need to Take the initiatives to please him for that you try to come out of your comfort zone.

10. Flirt with him

Your partner expects everything from you what he desires. Don’t let him go to other women to fulfill his expectations. Being flirty occasionally is good for your relationship. You can whisper something that makes him happy, or write a love note and paste that on the mirror or put that into his wallet, give him an offer for a romantic date, play a song and dedicate to him, wear his favorite outfit to seduce him.

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