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6 Funny Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend

6 Funny Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend

If you find yourself in a relationship where everything is going as planned and your life is perfect together, it might be a good time to ruin all that and annoy your boyfriend. Depending on how solid your relationship really is, your boyfriend might even find it fun. But just for the record: this approach requires a ton of moderation because no matter how fun it was the first time, all of the things on this list are going to get genuinely annoying really fast.

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1. Interrupt Him During Gaming

If you’re going to try this, know which game is safe for the interruption. Yes, I know, they’re just video games and it’s not real life, but I can assure you when your boyfriend is halfway through his 30th attempt at clearing Ornstein & Smough in Dark Souls, your fun idea of popping in front of the screen with no clothes on is going to get a lukewarm reception at best. Maybe try to get some information on the games he plays and find out where your best time would be to strike.

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2. Have Him Make Decisions

Don’t worry ladies, not actual decisions. No, just ask him what to do for the evening, and then regardless of what he says, get angry. Say he doesn’t know what you’re really like and when he does the typical male diplomatic approach of telling you to pick something in that case, get mad again. Such a fun way to mess with his head!

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3. Talk About Stuff That He Finds Gross

No matter whether it’s toenails or spiders, keep talking about whatever grosses him out. It’s even better if you get him all going with some romantic or hot conversation and then shove in a good spider story to instantly kill the mood. Just don’t hold it against him if your planned love-making session gets abruptly canceled.

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4. Record His Snoring

There’s no better way to annoy a man than confront him with his own snoring. Mostly because it’s something that’s really out of his hands (unless he has severe health issues and a CPAP would apply), it’ll be confronting and awkward to him. But no matter what do you and how fun you think this is, do not share that recording with anyone else. That’s going to cross a line where there’s no coming back from and it’s definitely not going to work out well for you.

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5. Play Pranks on Him With His Friends

Men find it incredibly annoying when their friends pick the side of their girlfriend over theirs, and especially when it comes to pranks. His friends are going to know ways to freak him out that you hadn’t even thought of, and the moment he finds out you were behind all of it he’s going to be positively annoyed. Once again, this is a tactic that you should use with utmost moderation as you’re probably not going to be able to pull this off without a moderate amount of getting yelled at.

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6. Take Too Much Time Getting Ready

There’s nothing that annoys a man more than bad time management. The best way to actively involve your boyfriend in this and annoy him to the maximum is to have him give his opinion on a bunch of outfits you could wear, only to then disregard his opinion entirely and go back to your first choice. And don’t just leave it at that, you can do this for different earrings, colors of lipstick (hint: it’s all red to us men), shoes, … Go nuts with it!

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