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15 Terrifying Signs That You Are The Crazy Girlfriend

15 Terrifying Signs That You Are The Crazy Girlfriend

Love can make us do strange things, which is not too surprising since being in love impacts us on every level. It alters the brain chemically, affects your emotional state, and can make you feel completely transcendent. But all of this can converge to make us act and behave in ways we normally wouldn’t. It is easy to become so wrapped up in your significant other that you become possessive, or even dangerous and abusive. On the flip side, depending on the kind of person you are in love with, you may also be subject to manipulation and exploitation of your weaknesses or insecurities. All of these complex intricacies of love can really do a number on the psyche and leave you feeling pretty outside of yourself. It can be hard to really determine objectively if things have gone too far. For some perspective, check out these 15 terrifying signs that you are the crazy girlfriend.

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You cry over very simple things

Have you ever watched a movie that features a woman who seems to cry over every little thing? Does this feel relatable at all? It could be something as simple as your partner’s facial expression, or their kind gesture to a stranger.

You want constant contact

Are you always calling or texting your partner? It is not really healthy to feel like you need to have a constant exchange with your partner throughout the day. If you are texting incessantly, or feel frustrated or hurt when they don’t constantly contact you, this is a warning sign.

You see all women as a threat

Even a mere glance of your partner in the direction of another woman, or another woman noticing your partner can send you into a frenzy. Every woman is not your enemy, but you have personified them all as a potential threat.

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Your partner is all you can think about

You dream about them. You wake up with the thought of them. Every time they are not in your presence, you constantly think about them and what they might be doing. This could be an indication of a slight obsession.

You stalk their social media

If you are checking your partner’s social media several times a day, you may need to self evaluate. Looking for signs of issues in his online behavior is not okay.

You have timed their driving habits

Do you have his drive time home and to various locations timed down to the minute? You may even check his mileage to make sure that he did not deviate from his usual route.

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Your partner’s friends are put off by you

If you’ve gotten through this list and found any point relatable thus far, it’s likely that others have noticed your questionable behavior as well. Your partner’s friends may all change their vibe when you come around, or ignore you altogether.

You stalk his house and other frequent locations

If you find yourself driving by his house all the time, or just happen to always be in the neighborhood of his gym or office, you are likely in full-blown obsession mode.

You are always worried about who he is with

It should be okay for your partner to spend time with other people. If you are always bent out of shape over who he is with at all times of the day, there is a serious lack of trust in your relationship.

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Other women looking at him piss you off

Another woman even looking at him is enough to ruin your whole day. This is a clear indication that you view him with ownership, as if he is your property.

You are secretly trying to trap him

Have you ever considered skipping your birth control, or compromising protection during sex — all in a ploy to keep him around? This is a huge red flag.

You have personally deleted photos of his ex

It could be considered normal for you to slightly dislike him having pictures of his ex. But did you personally go through his phone or belongings and get rid of the pictures yourself? This kind of behavior is totally intrusive.

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You obsess over your intimacy

You might over-scrutinize your performance in bed, and worry constantly that you aren’t satisfying your partner. You need constant reassurance that he is not dissatisfied with you intimately.

Everything he does causes drama

Everyone makes mistakes in relationships, but everything he does cannot be wrong. You taking issue with every little thing he does and causing a blow-up argument is also a warning sign.

You have contacted a private detective

If things are so bad that you have considered hiring or have already contacted a private detective, it is time for you to walk away.

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