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Women Who Initiate Are More Likely to Catch a Guy’s Attention

Women Who Initiate Are More Likely to Catch a Guy’s Attention

In the world of dating, a common stereotype is that men are the ones to initiate the first move instead of women. They are usually expected to be the first person to ask a woman on a date, and they are even seen as the proper party to propose and ask a woman for her hand in marriage. However, recent studies on online dating platforms have explored what it would be like if women were the ones to make these moves. Is it becoming more acceptable for women to make the first contact or ask guys out on dates? The dating pool and behavior on dating apps could be drastically different if women were taking more of a dominant role in making the first point of contact instead of men. This could totally change how people date and the ways relationships are formed online. Read on to learn why women who make the first move are more successful.

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Women do not have to wait for an eligible man to come their way

Based on activity on most dating sites, men typically send more messages than women do. This is based on a concept called fishing, which means that the more messages you send, the more likely you are to get someone’s attention eventually. But quality is not the same as quantity. And if women took matters into their own hands, they would not have to wait for some guy to contact them, who may just be looking to gain as many options as he can. This could indicate that the guy would likely not be that sincere even if you do match with him, especially if he is only concerned with increasing his odds of landing a date and not necessarily with how compatible he is with you or any other woman he matches with. 

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Women who initiate are often more successful 

Women who approach a guy are a bit of an outlier in today’s dating world. So when a woman actually takes the initiative, it can be very attractive to a guy. This rare act is a way to also take control of the flow of the conversation and set the tone for the energy between you two. Studies show that women who make the first move are 2.5 times more likely to hear back from the guy. 

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Women are more likely to get better matches by making the first move

Studies also show that men commonly message women who are about 17% more attractive than they are. And this is about the same for all people in general. So that means women could be way hotter guys than those that message them, all if they just make the first move. This can also be beneficial in terms of aspects outside of just physical appearance and looks. Sending the first message can help you find someone more in line in terms of interests and hobbies. It can also change the game in terms of the social status of your potential matches as well. 

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Women who act first can possibly find love easier

Studies show that women who make the first move are more likely to find their soulmate online. The results showed that 1 in 3 couples who met on the app were formed based on the woman sending the first message. This showed that relationships that eventually led to engagement had “3x the initiate rate of a typical female user,” according to the results.

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