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What Is He Thinking: 7 Possibilities When You’re Kissing

What Is He Thinking: 7 Possibilities When You’re Kissing

Have you ever wondered what goes through your guy’s mind when you’re passionately kissing? Perhaps you’re too occupied with enjoying the experience to give it much thought, but it is worth pondering. Fortunately for you, we’re here to give you the inside scoop on what might be running through his head during your makeout sessions.

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He’s thinking about how amazing you are

It’s pretty obvious that if he’s playing tonsil hockey with you, he’s into you. So there’s a pretty good chance he realizes he’s really fortunate to have found a girl as beautiful, funny, and clever as you. In fact, if he weren’t so occupied at the moment, he would no doubt love to sit back and admire your beauty. But when it comes down to it, you really shouldn’t spend too much time worrying over whether he likes you or not, because if that weren’t the case, he’d be with another woman right now. Just embrace the moment (and while you’re at it, embrace him!) and appreciate what you have. 

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He’s wondering if you like how he kisses

As worried as you might be about whether he thinks you’re a good kisser, you can be certain that he’s hoping you’re just as turned on. Men have egos that need to be massaged, after all. They feel just as self-conscious and even insecure during moments of intimacy. He knows he’s got a good thing going, and the last thing he wants is for you to find his kissing techniques to be boring and uninspired. 

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He’s trying to gauge how far you’re willing to go

Making out with him is a sure sign that you’re attracted to him. With this knowledge, he’s no doubt wondering what the boundaries are. To be clear, you get to decide where to take this, as he is not entitled to anything. If you feel comfortable signaling to him that you’re down for some “extracurricular” activities, go for it. On the other hand, if you’re content with the act of French kissing and nothing beyond that, he should be too. 

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He’s wrapping his head around what this all means

The act of kissing doesn’t automatically solidify you as a couple. If you haven’t had any discussions about your relationship, he is likely wondering where things stand now that you’ve shared a kiss. Is this the first step towards a long-term romantic partnership? Or was this just one of those “it feels good, but it’s nothing more than a fling” type of thing? There’s no reason to play games and leave him confused; let him know exactly how you feel and do so sooner rather than later. 

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He’s impressed with your kissing abilities

If he’s dazzled by how talented you are with your tongue, he’s going to feel like he’s totally lucked out! And then he’s going to be curious to know how exactly you got so good at it! Don’t be offended if he asks how many guys you’ve kissed in the past. Take it as a compliment, as it means he’s genuinely impressed, and it probably takes a lot to blow his mind!

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He’s distracted by his surroundings

The most ideal situation would be if his mind is completely on you and the kissing. But if you’ve got a roommate and their friends goofing off loudly in the living room, or you’ve still got the TV on, your guy’s mind might stray towards those things. It doesn’t mean he’s any less interested in you, but it does make it harder for him to concentrate on the act. 

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He isn’t thinking of anything but the kiss itself

Don’t take this to be a negative. The fact that he isn’t overthinking anything can be a virtue. He’s enjoying the experience and the time he’s spending with you. Any thoughts that happen to pop into his head vanish right away. The way he sees it, why allow his mind to wander on random thoughts when he’s with the girl of his dreams? 

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Ultimately, how much does it really matter what is going on in his head? Whatever happens with him isn’t entirely in your control anyway. If you’re feeling relaxed and are living in the moment, you shouldn’t have any regrets. As Dorris Day once sang, “Que sera sera, whatever will be will be.”

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