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7 Ways to Mix Vintage and Modern

7 Ways to Mix Vintage and Modern

Vintage clothing is a great way to make your wardrobe more interesting and versatile. Vintage style can include different fabrics and designs, or even just a touch of vintage makeup or hairstyles. It is such a great option to incorporate older styles as you can usually find them for less at places like thrift stores. You may also find one of a kind pieces that no one else may have anymore. But bringing in the old doesn’t mean you have to give up the new. Integrating both modern and vintage styles will make your style that much more beautiful. Check out these 7 ways to mix vintage and modern.


If you are looking for the basics in vintage clothing and modern style, your best bet is to start at a local store or thrift shop. You want to stick with simple items like a plain t-shirt, or a sheer shirt. You can even have an oversized top or jumper. You can pair this with a high waisted pant or skirt, or a nice statement coat or jacket. These kinds of basic pieces allow you to easily layer things and add more flashy accessories like jewelry or handbags.


Another aspect of your style to consider is accessories. Using accessories is a great way to blend your style of modern and vintage together. Even if you don’t have too much flair for the dramatic, you can add small accessories like sunglasses, or even a scarf. You can choose to have a vintage outfit and modern accessories, or vice versa. Making sure your accessories are on point can take a boring outfit into one that is totally beautiful. Use this concept for any occasion, like social outings, outdoor events, farmer’s markets, or even parades.


Jewelry is another form of accessory that is great to utilize also. It is a way to introduce mixing modern and vintage styles through just getting your feet wet first. You can try pieces like rings, bracelets, earrings, or even necklaces. You can piece these items together and vary the style of all. Again, try finding a vintage accessory to go with a modern outfit, or the reverse. Antique brooches are a wonderful option to look for, and you can find something like this either in thrift stores or on Etsy and other online shopping sites. These brooches are great to use because they come in various styles, colors, sizes, and designs.

Makeup and Hairstyle

Not ready to take the leap just yet to adopting modern and vintage styles in clothing? You can still mix things up with your makeup and hair. This is actually gaining in popularity, especially for special occasions like social events or weddings. Particularly, many people are gravitating to the vintage rockabilly genre. Even on a regular day, you can pair a casual outfit with a vintage hairstyle. Another way to achieve the modern and vintage mix is to switch up your makeup. Try a darker red lip, or simple black eyeliner, with a natural or light foundation. You may also want to try a heavier eyeshadow as well. This can be a beautiful look for a formal or elegant event.

Coats and Jackets

One of the easiest ways to add some dramatic flair to your outfit is by tossing on a cape or a coat. A rabbit fur or something similar is what many people think of when they think of vintage looks. These items have become a staple in vintage style because they are so easy to pair with various outfits. This will go nicely with a modern outfit, and can make a simple modern look elegant and classy. And if you have a more vintage top or pair of pants, look for a modern-looking cape. A modern cape of jacket can be found online as well. Monochromatic coats are a great modern look you can incorporate.

Vintage Remix

Don’t be afraid to revamp a vintage piece of clothing to give it new life. You can switch up a piece by giving it a trim, cutting, or altering it. This can be turning jeans into shorts, or altering an oversized shirt into a dress or jumper. The possibilities are endless.

Mixing Eras

Another great way to have fun with vintage and modern is to mix and match eras. It can be so much fun to pair an outfit from the 70’s with a hairstyle from the 50’s. If you are the kind of fashionista to be daring and bold, and like to have fun with your wardrobe, this is definitely a fun route to take.

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