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Top 10 Most Show-Stopping Red Dresses in Pop Culture

Top 10 Most Show-Stopping Red Dresses in Pop Culture

Throughout pop culture history, there have been some pretty amazing moments in on screen fashion. Red is such an attention getter, and that is definitely the case for Hollywood wardrobe. When a star shows up to an event or appears in a movie in a red dress, everyone takes pause and notices. But that is the case for any of the stunning dresses that fabulous stars wear, especially when they know how to really rock the dress. Because of these beautiful and jaw-dropping looks, there are some dresses that have become classic moments in Hollywood history. These dresses and the stars who wore them have become iconic for the bold statement they made. To take a trip down memory lane and revisit the best dressed moments, check out 10 of pop culture’s most show-stopping dresses.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is a classic movie for a beautiful red dress. Nicole Kidman plays Mademoiselle Satine, and appears in a stunning strappy red dress. The whirlwind of developing events in this movie only leaves Kidman in the dress briefly, but just long enough to make a statement. This is one of the moments that makes this movie memorable for many fans to this day.

Cruella (2021)

Emma Stone’s version of Cruella is full of commanding attention, and her red dress ensemble plays well into this character. She arrives at a particular event in the movie in a stark white cape, and disrobes to reveal a blood-red dress that turns every eye to her presence. The contrast of the deep red and her white and black hair made a marvel to the eye and created cinematic magic on the screen.

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Pretty Woman

If you’ve ever seen Pretty Woman, then you remember the red dress that Julia Roberts wears in what has been called her character’s Cinderella moment. It is a beautiful dress designed by costume designer Marilyn Vance.

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Michelle Obama at the 2013 Inaugural Ball

First Lady Michelle Obama became known for her tastefully beautiful wardrobe choices during her time as First Lady of the United States. One of her most iconic looks was during the 2013 Inaugural Ball, when she wore a gorgeous red chiffon dress by designer Jason Wu. She paired the dress with perfectly selected Jimmy Choo shoes.

Meet Me in St. Louis

Judy Garland turns heads in this 1944 musical, with her character Esther Smith. She wore a stunning red party dress that was perfect for the decadent occasion. It featured an endearing neckline and puffed sleeves.

Marilyn Monroe Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Red Dress, Sleeve

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

In this film, there are a couple of magical movie moments that feature beautiful fashion choices. But one that some may overlook is when Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell wear twin red dresses in an opening number. The dazzling red showgirl dresses are covered in sequins and paired with matching high heels.

In the Mood for Love

This drama is set in the 1960’s and comes with all the beautiful fashion of the era as well. Maggie Cheung wears several memorable pieces, including a vibrant red dress that steals the show for the brief moment it appears.

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Everything about the movie Clueless is quintessential of 1990’s pop culture, and fans have been reveling in this classic film for decades now. One favorite wardrobe moment in the film happens when Alicia Silverstone wears a red mini dress that perfectly hugs her curves, and is paired with outlandishly gaudy accessories.

Meghan Markle at the 2020 Mountbatten Festival of Music

At this event, Meghan definitely turned heads with her fashion choice. She wore a bright red Safiyaa dress that was elegant, sleek, and paired with a stunning cape. She wore matching red high heels and jeweled earrings and carried a simple, but chic handbag.

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Funny Face

This film featuring Audrey Hepburn is one known for its beautiful style in wardrobe selection. One of the most memorable moments occurs with Audrey Hepburn’s musical number of the steps of the Louvre. She wears and beautiful red halter dress designed by Hubert de Givenchy. Hepburn’s partnership with the designer is known as one of the most influential fashion moments in pop culture history.

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