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11 Male Celebrities With The Most Interesting Fashion Sense

11 Male Celebrities With The Most Interesting Fashion Sense

When talking about fashion, our brains usually default to women. Somehow it appears that men just in general care less about having a nice look and/or are still being judged less for how they dress and what they wear. And because we love swapping things up every now and then, this seems like the perfect time to look at the other side of the debate and look at some male celebrities with interesting fashion styles.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto has always been one of the more eccentric and unique celebrities out there, and he’s mostly shown this through his extreme method acting and his stylish looks. He’s looked radically different over the years that he’s been in the spotlight, but yet his style has always oozed pure “Jared Leto”.

Harry Styles

With a last name like that, it’s hard to not have style, is it? This singer is known for making hit after hit and for wearing the most unique outfits night after night. Harry doesn’t really care about the regular style conventions and breaks the gender barriers on a daily basis, which we can only applaud.

Jaden Smith

Will Smith’s son sadly hasn’t really been all that successful in show business, but he has managed to establish himself as a somewhat successful style icon. He definitely always manages to look interesting in some way or another.

Timothée Chalamet

This man just oozes charisma and style on a level that should honestly be illegal. There’s no denying this man’s sense of style is something only few mortals can attain and it’s no wonder that men and women all over the planet are swooning over him.

Ezra Miller

Despite Ezra having had a bit of a weird spell lately with some bad publicity and some touch-ups with the law, they’ve established themselves as a guarantee for unique stylish looks that break the conventions of fashion.

Donald Glover

Whether he’s acting or making music or just showing up someplace, Donald Glover looks amazingly stylish without exception. His fashion style is heavily inspired by the ‘70s and it fits him like a glove. Get it? Get it?

Robert Sheehan

This “Umbrella Academy” star is known for his very eccentric style and it’s hard to find pictures of him where it doesn’t instantly show. Robert pretty much nails and rocks all the outfits he wears though, so we can definitely consider him a style icon at this point.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik is definitely someone that can turn heads whenever he walks by and his sense of style complements his tattoos and just elevates his entire persona to a full image that is always going to leave an impression.

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David Beckham

Ever since David Beckham was one of the best midfielders in the beautiful game of football (no, not soccer), he’s been known as a style icon. Now that he’s a bit older his looks have definitely toned down a bit, but he still looks like he’s worth several hundred million of dollars. And he probably is.

Damiano David

The newbie darling in the world of show business, the frontman of Italian rock band Måneskin Damiano David has a truly unique style. He definitely has a revealing and provocative sense of fashion.

Billy Porter

This list wouldn’t be complete without Billy Porter. Porter is for sure recognized for his love for wearing a dress. Do you remember that tuxedo Oscar dress?

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