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10 Perfect Clothing Color Combinations for 2022

10 Perfect Clothing Color Combinations for 2022

When it comes to your ensemble, there are so many different combinations and directions you can go. This can sometimes make choosing a little unsettling, with so many options to choose from. If you are not the kind of person to experiment with your wardrobe that often, this can be even more difficult when it’s time to spice things up. While this can be a tough transition, it is easier if you have a little help in understanding which color choices go well together. If you are ready to incorporate more versatility into your wardrobe, check out these 10 perfect clothing color combinations for 2022.

Green and Yellow

A combination of green and yellow signifies warmth and growth, and work very well together in clothing. It is a great combo for all skin tones, and will definitely make your outfit pop. For warm toned, try mustard or khaki and dark green. For cool toned, try iridescent green and vibrant yellows. You can pair pieces like yellow blazers and green accessories with a pair of jeans.

Pale Blue and Pink

This combo is a great one if you love pastels. Think soft pinks and subtle blues, which can be a surprisingly fresh pop of color. A baby blue cashmere sweater and a pink jacket are a great combo to try.

Red and Blue

Red and blue is a classic color combo that just doesn’t seem to get old. A tailored red jacket and a nice pair of jeans is a perfect outfit with a pair of nice high heels. It gives a casual classy look without looking like you’re trying.

Cobalt Blue and Turquoise

This combo is a powerful duo that is sure to turn some heads. It would put you in the mind of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and is one of class and elegance. You can pair items like a stunning blue dress with turquoise shoes, and add in gold accessories or silver as well.

Orange and Blue

This is one of the best options for color blocking techniques. And if you want to go for something a bit more daring, this is a great choice. Try something like burnt orange and dark navy blue, or play around with different shades. An orange top with blue pants is a good place to start.

Tan and Maroon

If you’re not careful with styling choices, this color combination can look a bit drab. The trick is to choose a rich color like maroon to pair it with, and it will give you an exciting and modern vibe. Corduroy skirts and satin camisoles are a great option for this combo.

Orange and Black

Some say that this combination is so good that orange and black is the new black. A high-waisted pant with flare is a great option to pair with a black crop top. You can go for something a bit more relaxed as well, like an oversized sweater with those pants.

Pink and Grey

Pink and grey are wonderful together for a year round, beautiful look. With this combo, you can really get creative with pieces and mix and match color variations and textures. Think grey pants and a baby pink top. Accessories and hats are good to throw in with this combo. A wide-brim grey hat will totally set off this look.

Purple and Coral

The concept of coral may have been outdated and old at one point. But paired with purple, coral is a sophisticated look that oozes confidence and ease. Coral looks great on all skin tones, and is easily flexible with deep purple items. Coral tops and bright purple accessories like handbags are good options. This color combo looks great with gold jewelry as well.

Purple and White

White is such a flexible color and goes really well with a deep and beautiful color like purple. It makes the skin look velvety and smooth and is a very feminine and sensual color combination. This combo goes really well with silver accessories and jewelry. Think about choosing this style when you are out for a night on the town with friends, or even for a more formal event.

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