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7 Genius Tips to Fake Curves for Girls Stuck Stick Thin

7 Genius Tips to Fake Curves for Girls Stuck Stick Thin

There are all different types of bodies: small, thick, short, and tall. All bodies are beautiful no matter the shape or size, but sometimes you can find yourself wanting to alter your appearance for one reason or another. For people who fall more on the thinner spectrum, they may want to find ways to increase their curves. This can be difficult though, if your body is not one to hold onto weight easily. Gaining and keeping weight on is the first hurdle – then there is the additional challenge of the weight forming into a shape that you are pleased with. With all of the variables associated with trying to get a more curvy figure, it can be easier to use simple hacks to make yourself appear to have a more full shape. If you are ready to get the hourglass figure you’ve always wanted in the quickest ways possible, check out these genius tips to fake curves for girls stuck stick thin.

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Try a push-up bra

One of the quickest ways to appear more curvy is all in the type of bra you choose to wear. A bra that offers no support will make you look totally different than one that is very supportive. A push-up bra is a great option to immediately boost your curves. You can instantly go from looking like an A cup to a B or even C cup. The padding can be adjusted to make sure you are comfortable, and to also add an additional boost to your curves. Push-up bras come in different options like full coverage, halter, racetrack, demi, and more.

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Find tops that have ruffles or ruching

Giving dimension to your outfit can also help give the perception of curves. Ruffles are a great option for this hack. They add some embellishments to give your breasts a full look. Ruching has the same effect, and can make you look very voluptuous. There are many different kinds of tops like this that can give you added dimension.

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Go for low-rise jeans

Low-rise jeans had become a thing of the past up until very recently. But now, low-rise jeans are back in style, and this is a good thing for girls with more straight figures. Because they are so popular again, it can be hard to find anything other than straight-leg jeans. This cut is great for thinner women because it hugs curves in the right place to make you appear a bit more curvy.

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Accessorize with a skinny belt

A skinny belt is the perfect accessory to make your curves really pop. This kind of belt will cinch your waist, and gives the illusion of really full, vivacious hips. This is definitely a belt to keep in your wardrobe arsenal.

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Give a fit and flare dress a shot

For women with straight figures, this style of dress is one of your best friends. The fit and flare dress adds curves, even if you have the straightest of body types. Fit and flare dresses are tight and accentuated at the waist, and flare out at the hips and into the thigh region. This is the perfect style to make your shape pop. And another great thing about this style of dress is that it can be dressed up or down depending on what the occasion is.

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Halter necklines are a good option

Halter necklines are also in style more recently, and this is also a good thing for straight-figured girls. Choosing this style is all about playing up on your naturally beautiful attributes. This cut will play up on your arms nicely, and hug your shape well too. It fits closely, so it will give good emphasis to your breasts, and even make them look bigger. It will also look great in the neck and collarbone region with this cut.

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Maxi dresses are a top pick

You just cannot go wrong with a maxi dress. It is a great option for just about any shape or size. And they look especially great for thinner women who are trying to play up their curves. Maxi dresses are feminine, yet comfortable – and they are wonderful at making your curves look that much fuller. The soft flow of a standard maxi dress is naturally great at accentuating your natural body, and you will feel amazing while wearing it.

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